Radhakrishnan Pillai, fondly known as CHANAKYA Pillai,
I am a teacher to my students, an author to my readers,
a management trainer, consultant and guide to my clients.
I believe that "management" is a universal art that can be put to use in almost all fields
and thus I have explored the same
through management courses in feilds ranging from
‘Industrial development’, ‘Tourism’ and
'Youth in National development' and have finally
got my management consultant cerificate from the
international Institute of management Consultants,
to spread the essence of 'management'.

CHANAKYA—the original mamagement guru of ancient India,
has always intriuged me and thus began my journey
of discovering the art and practising it.
it led me to go an extensive management research course
on 'kautilya's arthshastra'- the well known book on Management
written in 3rd Century BC
from 'Chinmaya International Foundation' (CIF),
Kerala under the guidance of Dr Gangadharan Nair,
the dean of Adi Shankara Samskrit University.

Currently I am pursuing an MA in Sanskrit –
the language in which the fundamentals of management science
were coined ages ago, and am also working towards a PhD.
in the subject.

With over 15 years of combined business experience
in fields of spiritual tourism, publishing, jewellery,
sports & music industry among others,
I have been effectively practising the art management
to solve all corporate crices- thus combining ancient wisdom
with contemporay attitudes and situations.

With an objective to spread this ancient wisdom
through contemporary means and to benefit the masses,
I have come on board as the Director of SPM Foundation—
a research based organisation that is works towards
promoting Indian concepts in management,
business and various sciences of India as applicable
in modern day corporate scenarios.

Through the foundation,
I visit many Business schools in India and abroad
as a Visiting faculty and conduct lectures,
workshops & training sessions for them.

The role of media in the 21st century cannot be ruled out
and hence, write a weekly column for
Times of India group supplement—'Mumbai Mirror'
on principles and strategies from Kautilya’s Arthashastra.
I have already had over 150 articles and papers
published on the subject.

To add to these are various other write ups
published in numerous magazines, newspapers,
journals and periodicals.

Apart form print, the electronic media also savours Chanakya.
The radio channel 'moksha' of worldspac satellite,
hosts a show with me called 'Ask Chanakya' where
I address queries from across the country.

Internationally, I have had the chance to represent india
in various national and international conferences.
I am also a member of the committee of the Mumbai University
for framing up the syllabus of various management courses
that it offers.

My constant endeavour to spread 'CHANAKYA's'
ancient wisdom took me through loads of challenges
that I managed to turn into opportunities.
These include being a business strategy consultant
to over 200 organisations and training over 10,000 executives.
My clients- who have been instrumental in my growth,
include names like
Economic Development Board of Singapore
World Trade Center
Credit Suisse
Price Water House Coopers
JP Morgan,
Air India
Tata Group of Companies,
Aditya Birla Group,
Mahindra and Mahindra,
Babha Atomic Research Center,
Indian Railways,
Battery Manufacturers Association of India,
Bombay Management Association (BMA),
ITC group of Hotels, etc. among others.

So as to be available to all those
who have been with me at some point in my carrer
and for those who are in search of a solution for their queries,
i have created an on line e-course
on Kautilya’s Arthashastra so as to help them further
explore Indian Management ideas through the
www.indiayogi.com website.

My hope and wish for all- management is an art that needs to be
practised to perfection so as to reach the desired results.